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What really pisses my off about the NG BBS

2008-06-05 03:14:17 by UfaKefe

First, really stupid, unfunny, unhelpful and really poorly constructed posts and topics. And if the topic ONLY has stupid replies, that pisses me off more. LEARN TO USE PROPER ENGLISH, GODDAMN.

Second, clarification topics. Basically, "Is it this or that?" topics. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST IS USUALLY THE SAME THING OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN. I'M FUCKING SICK OF THOSE TOPICS. WHY DOES NOT ONE JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION AND EVERYONE ELSE LEAVE? It's a +1 post kind of thing and I'm tired of it.

Third, crappy photoshop topics. Give us a GOOD base pic, not you, not some guy, your enemy or your friends. Blurry things won't do. Also, TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO BUMP THE THING UNLESS YOU HAVE CONTENT TO ADD. NO "lol this is funny," or "POST MOAR GUISE," IT'S NOT HELPFUL.

I will add more as I go, because I can't remember all that I want to add to this, due to my RAGE.

I'm going to go take a breather and go stroll outside...

IN UNRELATED NEWS: I broke my "f" key. :(

What really pisses my off about the NG BBS


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2008-06-05 03:46:32

That's Newgrounds for you, shitty BBS topics and shitty responses by the most immature of users. It pisses me off as well.

Would you like a virual cookie to take you mind off of it, miss?


2008-06-05 04:43:18

Sorry, forgot to add the link:

UfaKefe responds:

Oh, thank you. I feel much better now.


2008-06-28 12:35:14

You've been telling to many people to fuck off.

UfaKefe responds:

Have I?

Ahhh, I see. The excessive use of the 'f' key... I see what you did there.


2008-07-03 05:07:35

I doubt that your "F" key being broken is unrelated to your rage at the BBS. Keyboard masher, ey?

UfaKefe responds:

Noope, it just broke off.


2008-09-25 21:53:40

I hate the BBS for that and that only...
The rest is ok...

UfaKefe responds:

Yeah... I'm getting used to it.